God challenge rewards

Hi athletes,

I have only just seen the Challenge of the Gods, and unfortunately it’s already May 15th. The challenge started on May 14th with Nemesis. I would like to participate as well, but I cannot see it in the application.

Is there any way to do it today? Also, my second question is: Will I still get the badge?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,

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You earn a batch for each workout, not only when doing all of them.
The first one was Echo, not Nemesis as stated in the email. I still can see the challenge in the app (check Challenges) so it could be possible to participate.

Edit: it’s closed now. So no chances.


Hi melaLetics,
Thank you for your quick response.

@thomas.calonne excuse me to use your thread but it’s topic also suits to my “problem”.

According to yesterday’s email, the badge should change it’s design with each finished workout. But actually it’s the same.

Edit: tapping on a badge will show the correct overview. So if everyone is missing the badge with tiny digit: it’s there.

Received mine just now and the little 2 appears on top. Seems fixed

Yep, seems fixed. On iOS that is :clapclapstatic:

As the communication was not really transparent about the start time of the 10 year challenge and also I have to click participate in every single day I think the missing challenges should be reopened so everyone has the chance to collect all ten (including the golden one) badges.