GPS tracking and Speed in Running Intervals

I’m learning how to use Freeletics and I’m enjoying the training sessions and the structure. It’s really cool and keep me motivated.

Friday I will have the first « interval run » and I was wondering if I’m outdoor the gps will help calculating the distance and voice will guide me on the differents parts. Should the 100m run be done at max speed or it’s more an endurance approach?

How would this work if I train indoor on a tread mill?

Thank you for your support!


Hey Matteo :wave:t2: Great to hear that you are enjoying your Training Journey!

I’ll try to answer the additional questions below, but just wanted to let you know I have moved some of your posts to separate topics-this will just help other users with similar questions or queries get involved in these conversations a bit more easily.

For intervals the GPS will track your distance. I would really recommend you turn your phone to the highest performance setting possible to ensure the best GPS tracking. A lot of phones will limit the GPS information passed to the Freeletics app if you use any kind of battery saver mode. The Coach will tell you the pace to run, and for a great explanation of what these different paces feel like, I would really recommend a read of this article on our Help Center.

You can’t use GPS on a treadmill obviously, but many Athletes will use a treadmill. You simply need to turn off the GPS tracking in the workout. Hopefully the page below will be helpful here:

Hope that helps!