GPS issues in Freeletics

Hi everyone :wave:t3:,

Since two days I’m having problems with my runnings training tracking.

It doesn’t track the distance at first, and suddenly I got like 800m (when in reality I’ve only done 500m) and my pace goes from 0 to 100. I have to use another app to track my performance, delete it in Freeletics and then enter it manually.

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Reminder: 9 days without and an answer…

Hello, I am having same issue.
Some times the app is not tracking at all my distance and some times it jumps up to a crazy big ditance that there is no way I had done.
I am having this issue since weeks.
Today I have to do interval, which is the most annoying because I do not have any other app to follow up my intervals. So if today is not working again, then it is not valid my training