Gym workouts sessions with full equipment

As much as i understand, now i could choose dumbbell or bar workouts, with no other gym equipment or both. Howv about make it possible? And in case we dont have this kind of equipment at our gym mark it on the app?

Hey, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

for some journeys it is nessecary to have certain equipment (for dumbbell gain for instance, you obviously need dumbbells) for bodyweight journeys you can just pick the equipment you have and the coach will give you sessions accourding to your equipment, though they may not appear all the time. Did that answer your question?

Not really,
What if i have whole gym equipment available? App will not ask me to use multiple equipment on my session, is limited to dumbbells and a bench, or a barbell and a bench, or im doing something wrong?

Ah, no you can say you have everything available but will probably never use everything.

Ok, i see that’s still unclear for you. On example: dip station - Coach know about that kind of exercise?

The coach only knows about the equipment that you can enable in the app. It does not know about dip stations, bench press, cable machine etc. Only those that you can enable.