Can I do a general training session (instead of starting a journey)?


After the last app update (I think), the Coach screen makes me choose a journey:

I don’t think I want to start a journey now – I’d rather just have the coach suggest a “regular”, one-off workout for me, like it did in the past.

Is there a way back there?

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Hi @balint and welcome to the forum!

If you don’t want to follow a programme but rather select your own workouts or god workouts, you can select a journey and then just don’t follow it. Then you’ll be able to select any workouts or God from the explore section in your coach tab.

@TomG Thank you for the answer, I’ll give that a try.

A related problem is that the journey that’s recommended to me (you can see it on the screenshot above) is Dumbbell gain but a bench is required, which I don’t have.

I do have dumbbells, though, which I marked as such in the app but I’ve never been given a workout session which involved them.

So before journeys the recommendation didn’t involve the equipment I have (I’d have loved doing exercises with dumbbells) and now it involved equipment I don’t have.

Why do you think that is?

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Hi @balint, thanks for your feedback.

I think this was already discussed in the forum but I cannot find the thread to quote the exact correct answer.
I think, from my understanding, that while a bench is preferred, it is not 100% mandatory in order to do the dumbbell journey. Some people might just switch all bench exercises with other equipment such as Swiss ball, chairs, or even just the floor (floor presses). When a bench is required to hold your stance such as when performing a dumbbell row, you can use any similar object to help you keep your stance upright. Like a dumbbell rack, a low bar, or even by switching to a double dumbbell row.

I hope that helps!

If you are currently in a body weight journey, did you add dumbbells here? To let the coach know that you have this equipment available?

Thank you, that makes sense, I’ll try that next week when I’m back to my regular rhythm.

Yes, I did and had double-checked it before. Currently I cannot verify it again because there’s no settings menu when I’m on the Coach screen (see screenshot above).

At any rate, I’ll give it a try next week and report back. Thank you!

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Which journey did you choose? There are journeys you can’t add all equipment available.

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I didn’t choose a journey yet because I’m on vacation and don’t want to start it before I could do the exercises. I’d added the dumbbells before there were journeys, on the pre-journey Coach screen.