Has the mindset coach been completely removed?

The mindset coaching can be accessed via the “Explore All” menu item within the Coach tab but it redirects to the podcasts which then say you need a subscription. I have the Fitness and Nutrition bundle. Am I supposed to be able to access this content?

Hey Kev :wave:t2:

Yes, this has been removed :+1:t2:

The Bundle gives access to both the Training app and the Nutrition app. This did not originally grant access to the Mindset Coach, although it did for a very short period, whilst the Mindset Coach content was removed from the Training app.


Thanks for the quick response Ben. I think it makes sense to also remove it from the app then otherwise it’s confusing as it looks like there should be some content we can access.

What could actually grant me access to the mindset coach? Nothing now? Mostly because the guy reading that one sleep relax thing had a much more relaxing voice than other apps I tried with similar things.

Hi @solveisen, if you own an Apple subscription you can still access the Mindset Coach via Apple Podcasts.

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