Information about how the membership works

If I do the coah subscription on the web, can I follow it from mobile and pc, or I can follow it just on the “place” where I did the subscription?

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The subscription is for the coach running on a mobile app. There is no desktop app anymore.

I read on freeletics website that, If I pay for a subscription I can control it just on the device where I bought it. So, If I buy it following the link on the email talking about a discount (from the web), I’ll be able to manage my payment on the web? or it works only on the app anyway? Thanks

The app itself works on your mobile device. As you will login with your user account you can even switch between different operation systems (Android or iOS) - no matter which platform you choses for payment.
Your account is independent from your payment method.

If you subscribe the coach via an app store (Apple or Google), the payment itself and a cancellation of the subscription will be handled via these stores (I would never use an app store as you wouldn’t be able using a discount code for subscription). I personally would always subscribe via the Freeletics webpage.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. You clarified some doubts I had.

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