Help for Turkey/Siria

Hi there

It breaks my heart to listen to the news about the earthquake in Turkey and Siria and I thought that we all should do something about it. Why don’t we try to combine FL with some aid. We could make a burpees challenge and for every Burpee, FL could donate 0.25€ (or any other amount that makes sense to the company) to Red Cross Aid or any other NGO that will provide aid to the survivors. Just throwing ideas on the table here. We could also donate through the app too.

Looking forward to your comments. Jorge


What a beautiful idea. How do we make it happen?

Dear Jorge,

thank you very much for your kind offer about possible donation campaign via freeletics. I hope that could be done and we could participate.

In Turkey we are donating via domestic campaigns, but below you could find the link of international donation campaign for Turkey, as Turkish people we will be grateful if anyone donate and could help.

Also, I hope there is a Syrian campaign exists, and if anyone knows about a doantion campaign for Syria, please share.

Thank you again for you kind offer,

Best Regards to everyone!
Altunc Suleyman Gezerler