How to change the weight and/or reps in a workout in Dumbbell Gain or Kettlebell Fundamentals

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This question is coming up quite a lot still: how to change the assigned weight of a db or kb exercise if it is either too difficult or too easy.

The good news is it’s quite easy to do :tada:

Just start the exercise and then tap on the Coach button in the top left of the screen indicated below :point_down:t2:

I’ve attached a quick screen recording showing the whole process as well :point_down:t2:

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But it only goes when you have chosen a programme with weights… I do a programme to get more straight and when I have such an exercice in between my intervals without weights, this option is not included.

Thank you Ben. When I did the kettlebell journey, the coach would ask me to do an exercise for X amount of seconds. Sometimes the length of time was far too long for me e.g. 120 seconds with a kettlebell on one arm. While I was able to reduce the weight of the kettlebell, I couldn’t reduce the length of time that I had to do the exercise. This was quite frustrating. Kind regards, Brayhead

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This is correct-the Coach won’t assign a specific weight for any weights exercises in a Bodyweight TJ :+1:t2: (I’ll edit the title here to reflect this only applies to DB/KB Journeys).

If you want to know what weight ranges we recommend for any weights exercise assigned in a Bodyweight TJ, take a look at the page :point_down:t2:


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That’s correct, the Kettlebell Training Journey is time-based, not rep based :+1:t2:

This :point_up:t2: will always happen when you are using weights that are quite low, and where there is a big jump to your next available weight. The Coach is progressive, and will incrementally adjust the difficulty of your workouts based on your feedback. With low weights, the only way the Coach can progressively adjust to positive feedback without a huge jump in the assigned weight is to increase the time (in the case of Kettlebells).

This is why I can not stress enough that you will get the most benefit from these Journeys with a wide range of weights available to you.

This scenario is discussed quite a lot on the Forum, I’ve pasted a link to one discussion below :point_down:t2:


Ok, Thanks Ben.

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Any time!


My complaint is with the 8 sets of 120s 12kg kettle bell exercises. I would be able to complete the workouts if they were adjusted to 4 sets of 120s or 8 sets of 60s. I keep letting the coach know that it is too difficult but I keep getting given the same difficultly. When I tell the coach I don’t have much time it gives me exercises that don’t require kbs. The length of these workouts is a motivation killer and sometimes causes lower back injuries. The base level of the kettlebell fundamentals training program seems to be for experienced athletes that have used kettle bells for years.

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