Using weights kettebells into specific exercises

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I’ve added recently several kettlebells (12Kg - 16Kg - 20Kg) into the app.
However I do not understand how those different weights are used into the app. Because when the AI proposes some Kettlebell exercises there is never any mention about the weights should I use. So what is the purpose to add weights into the app setting if they are never used?

Why not having dedicated exercices/set depending of specific weights to be used?


Hello Nicolas, the coach will only give you specific weights if you do a weight journey (so in your case the kettlebell fundamentals). In bodyweight journeys coach won’t give you any weights so you just have to look for yourself which suits you best. I know it’s not optimal, I’d like to being given specific weights as well :confused:

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Thx for the swift reply, appreciated

I do believe providing some indication on the weights would be very interesting.

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Hi There

I’m coming back to my previous as I tested some others apps for workouts, and therefore I’ve a new request but always related to the kettlebells weight:

  • to have to possibility to add the weight we used during our exercise as the app does not provide this info.
    This it will be possible to follow the trend/progress.

This request is also applicable to elastic bands

Thx & have a nice day


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