I do not see the barbell in the equipment set in the app

barbell exercises were previously included in the app. now I do not see an option to select it in the equipment. Can you please tell me you completely removed these exercises or am I missing something? I just would like to renew my subscription, but for this I would like to make sure that I can work with the barbell

Which Journey are you on?
Some journeys do not have all equipment available.

Edit: I could add the plate as equipment but not the barbell itself. I hadn’t seen any interval combining bodyweight with barbell exercises in a pure Bodyweight Journey - only in the Barbell Tone or Hybrid Strength Journeys.

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Hi @Andrey, I can confirm barbell exercises are still here! I am currently on the Hybrid Strength journey and have some barbell works planned for Thursday and Friday.
From my understanding, barbells exercises are only available in Barbell journeys or in the single exercise section.

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