Bar / dumbbell gain

Why can’t the app mix the barbell and dumbbell gain plan? I don’t understand limiting this type of training plan with only either bar or dumbbell. It’s very frustrating. Having both in the same plan as an option, would be very beneficial.


Hi @lorchio From my understanding Freeletics is currently working on removing these barriers between journeys but no live date yet!


Indeed. I am motivated when I get to use my equipment, I have my bench, dumbells, kettlebells, barbells, everything. Yet there’s only one plan “Hybrid Strength” that I get to use all of them with. If only I could mix-match those journeys together to get something that really fitted what I wanted.


Thanks for the update. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people left the app, from feedback I’ve been receiving.

If there was a way to add the equipment you have and then Freeletics creates the program from that.

At the start of the app you are asked to add the equipment you have, so that function is already there. It just needs to be applied to some of the journeys.

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Hi @Onat and @lorchio , thanks for your feedback!
There is also a feature in your Coach setting that enables you to add the pieces of equipment you have and the Coach will use them during your journey.
This feature is currently not available for equipment-centric journeys such as the Kettbell only journey, Barbell only journey, dumbbell only journey and hardcore journey.

So what journey does this feature (using your own equipment) apply to?

Any more news when this will be added to the other journeys or even better, calling it a new name such as “Free Weight” journey, for example?

I personally think that this is a no-brainer. Being able to go on a journey that utilises all the equipment you own. Bars, dumbbells, kettlebells etc

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Hi @lorchio , this applies to all the journeys except the Hardcore, dumbbell gain, Kettlebell fundamentals, and Barbell Gain.

My favourite is the Hybrid Strength Journeu for this, as you can add everything.