Gym Machine Exercises

There are multiple posts asking for gym reintegration, so this post may seem obsolete, but I’m proposing a slightly different approach.

Post from Totosan:

As far as I can tell, they asked to integrate gym machines into the coach as well, my request is to add all different gym machines as individual exercises a user can select and add, but won’t ever generate using the coach.

This way, people going to the gym (myself included) can use and benefit from the gym machines, while still using Freeletics, but it’s not a necessity, only a possibility.

This way, it’s also possible to bring the original Gym App at least somewhat back: Freeletics Gym features back

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Thanks for the feedback Laurin, I’ll make sure we keep discussing this :+1:t2:

For the time being, our Weights Journey focus remains such that you only need to hit the free weights section of your gym.

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My suggesting isn’t implementing it in the coach, just the option to do it yourself, so the coach can still track your progress, even if you use gym machines.

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