Estimated calorie burnt for each Interval

Please can have an estimated calorie burnt for each interval ?

I guess this is not that trivial. You need a smart watch to track your heart rate and so far only the Apple Watch is connectable to the App running on iOS.
As iOS is highly designed to talk to all iOS devices but Android isn’t, I guess this will last a bit of time to integrate any Android Smart Watch (as far as I know the API which the different manufacturers use is not standardized).

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@melaLetics interesting insight, thank you.

Do you recommend using the Freeletics app on Apple Watch or using the iPhone app while starting apple’s trainings for more accurate calculation? I mean, letting the app sending data to apple health, starting apple training on watch and not syncing Freeletics or starting Freeletics app on watch?

I personally would never use any Apple device. :wink:
I built an app for Android an iOS on my own and this were the problems I came along.
So I’m the wrong user to ask concerning Freeletics.
@Ben Do you know anything about this?

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I’m not sure it will make any difference Xiropillo. The app (the Freeletics app that is) doesn’t provide any estimation at all with regards to the calories “burnt” in a workout. That estimation is provided solely by Apple in such a case, and depending on whether Apple knows your training pulse (i.e. when using a HR monitor) then this estimation can obviously change. Training pulse is only one variable though-body fat % and metabolism also play parts, amongst other factors (age, sex, weight, height etc). I’m not sure how Apple estimates such variables and takes this in to account with regards to calories used.

Basically, there is no default calorie consumption for any specific Freeletics workout, everyone will be different and even then the calories consumed will depend on the effort put in.



Thanks very much for the answer.
I was asking that because Freeletics app working through Apple Watch as an standalone app (that is since long time ago in beta), gives me problems mainly with sounds, vibrations and it is impossible for me to train without the phone as most of the times I don’t get notifications when the time has ended.
I hope it will improve in near future and finally gets official release.
If I start a workout via Apple Fitness, every time a Freeletics workout is started, it overrides the watch training and it is stopped.
I finally decided to uninstall Freeletics app from the watch and using iphone app only. Then, start workout in watch to get data based on heart rate.

@Ben Sharing this, for more insight.

Research: Wearables, including Apple Watch, are poor at tracking calories - Wearables, including Apple Watch, are poor at tracking calories - news)