Integration with Samsung Smart Watches

Would be great if we could integrate with the Samsung Smart Watch ecosystem! I realize that this may be diffucult to prioritize now, given the rumors around Samsung moving from Tizen OS to Google Wear but it would still be cool to have an app to use on non-Apple watches. :slight_smile:


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This is something we are collecting feedback on and I’ll make sure we keep discussing this. At the moment, we are putting a lot of effort in to developing other areas of the Training experience, for example, more equipment options and Training Journeys using such equipment, so unfortunately I can’t promise that we will see anything regarding more smart watch integration in the very near future.



I’d love this too!

Pareil !! Intégration avec garmin ça serait top :+1:

Since Samsung has now switched to Google Wear OS, this is definitly something that Freeletics should consider right now :wink: #neversettle right?


Oui :+1: :+1::+1:

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Hi everyone, it would be awesome to have the freeltics app on wearOS, there is tons of people who never going to have the willingness to switch to iOS. So it would be great if we would be also supported. Thanks!


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This is something we collect feedback on, thanks for contributing!


Hi there

I’ve read about previous posts and FAQ section about non-apple smartwatches and Freeletics app.

I have a much simpler request/suggestion/idea; the most effective application of using a smart watch during Freeletics exercises would be having the opportunity to leave the mobile phone at home during Freeletics runs. A simple post-running integration feature between Samsung Health and Freeletics app on the mobile phone would be more than enough at first. A solution that can be found around this idea wouldn’t take much time to integrate, I believe. And this would be very helpful and would enhance athlete’s performance.

I hope to see Freeletics on my smartwatch soon :slight_smile:

Thanks & Regards
Koray ( a Freeletics athlete since email based exercises times :smiley: )


+1 for feature request.
As long as samsung watches use wear OS from now, it’ll be a general app for all watches that uses wear OS platform. From this point of view freeletics should consider developing a wear OS app more seriously.


Hi Ben,

1 year passed away, how far freeletics came with feedback collection?
It would be great to see at least a response from you guys.
This is something which is going to happen, or not?

Let’s say either

  • putting efforts into the wearOS freeletics version would not bring enough new users, and the ROI on the current number of user communitiy would be 7 years, OR

  • the 90% of the freeletics users are on iOS, on the other 10% the monetization would be not successful/quick enough OR

  • yes we’re working on it, we’re planning to inroduce a PRO2 subscription, where we ensure the users can use freeletics on their smartwatches independently from the fact whether they use iOS or WearOS… OR

  • something else.

Feedback is appreciated.


It is seriously time to implement this… I really don’t find this acceptable to have an integration with Apple watches but nothing for Android users. As others mentioned, especially now that Samsung is using wear OS as well as other main actors. It is time to develop an integration for wear OS.


Probably, the MVP for this kind of idea would be to see the current exercise, the gif playing with the number of repetitions and the timer. In that way you can tap or swipe on the watch to jump into the next exercise. Once you´re done, you can grab the phone and provide feedback and other stuff. Just having that kind of integration would be a significant improvement in my opinion.


So @Ben whatsup? We are freeletics users for years now, we are never going to be iOS users, it would be great if we start to feel being 1, informed 2, supported.

This indeed. I have a WearOS smartwatch with cellular. Using another app to log my runs for the time being…

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as the apple watch has been removed I don’t think watch support in general is one of their priorities anymore. but just a guess on my side…

Why is this still not available!??? This would help us so much!!!

It would be amazing :clap:

You and your low comedy is ridiculous.

Any news?