WearOS companion app

With Google’s release of Pixel Watch, and with Samsung introducing their first WearOS Galaxy Watch last year (and another generation this year), there are now two major companies embracing this platform, not to mention all other existing smartwatches from smaller companies. Will you finally acknowledge the importance of this platform and make a Freeletics app for WearOS? It wouldn’t take a lot of time to implement it, comparing to how much happiness you would bring to the community.


Just got my google pixel watch today and realized that the is no Freeletics app available. That’s a bummer :disappointed:


I do not expect a WearOS Android app. The integration is not so easy because not all wearables use the same interface. This mean that FL has to decide which Android wearable would be supported and which users are excluded with their wearable :confused:

They can just release a WearOS 3 app which will be supported with all WearOS 3 devices which includes all the most recent devices. There is an Apple Watch watchOS Freeletics app which came out of a hackathon, they could make another hackathon to experiment with WearOS. Or maybe create an open API to make possible third party integration, so that somebody else works on the app? Or make a simple app and open source it and let community work on it? - I’d definitely be contributing for the opportunity to be able to use it on my wrist. There are ways they could do it without a lot of effort.


this is a must! I want to use the app on my samsung watch!


Juat want to add my own +1 to this. I always wear my Samsung smartwatch (which uses Wear OS now) when I exercise and use it to track my workouts in Samsung Health.

So basically whenever I do a Freeletics workout, i first turn on the watch’s “circuit training” workout to start tracking, then I press start on Freeletics on the phone, then I pause/start/stop both as I proceed.

I wish I could just press start on the phone and automatically have the workout start and be tracked accordingly on the watch, as well as save the workouts on Samsung Health correctly.

I definitely want to keep using the watch at all times since it’s what tracks my burnt calories and motivates me to close the daily “rings” for activity, steps and calories.


Come on, it is time to implement this now. It was understandable in the past not to have smartwatch apps since there were a lot of different OS. Now there is a consolidation in the market with Wear OS (Android) and WatchOS (Apple).

I want to use Freeletics for my runs but there is not app on my smartwatch (and the running is not developed enough) so I have to use Strava to get something decent. This is another subscription there, for something that could be integrated with Freeletics. Take that market and money.

Since I have a smartwatch I would also like to be able to just switch to the next exercise with the watch (and go back in case I make a false click) and have the workouts complete my daily ring of activity. I don’t need much more than that.

So running + next exercise switch.