Intermittent Fasting

Hi - can I get a nutrition plan that works with my 20/4 intermittent fasting regieme ? Any suggestions on how to set it up in the App? thank you!

There is no option for this.

I also use the app and do intermittent fasting (18/6). As the coach always gives me four meals (almost too much although my focus is losing weight), I just skip the breakfast & snack and just prepare the lunch and dinner. I’m absolutely fine with this (doing this for a year), I don’t have any hunger during the time off or between the meals. I even train right before the lunch (after more than 16hours “off”) and I’m quite powerful, still doing personal bests.


@melaLetics You impress me with every post. I am a fan :grimacing::muscle:t4:


Thanks for that suggestion. Sounds like a smart work-around. I will try it!