Time between meals

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to loose weight, and on my app it shows I need to have the 4 meals. Please can you suggest the time we should have in between the meals.

Sometimes life gets busy and I feel like we need to catch up on the meals.

Please can anyone advice what should be best. Should we skip the meals.


Hi Raisa :wave:t2:

So, the most important thing to remember when you are aiming to lose weight is the need to be in a net calorie deficit. This means, that you need to be using more calories than you take in over a period of time. To some extent, it doesn’t matter “hugely” when you eat with regards to your overall calorie intake, but eating a meal in morning, around midday and again later in the day works for most people. The timing of eating in relation to any training is probably more important here.

I always find it easier to think of my calorie intake as a trend over a week, rather than on a daily basis. So, for example, I’m currently trying to lose a couple of kilos and am aiming therefore to eat around 2000 calories a day, but rather than focus on the daily amount, the figure I tend to aim towards is a weekly target of 14,000 per week (2000 x 7), which still leaves me in a calorie deficit over the course of a week of 3,500. So on some days I will tend to ingest more calories than on others.

Personally I try not to skip on meals-although I will substitute breakfast or lunch for a couple of pieces of fruit on my lower calorie days, but I know there are quite a few in the Forum already who follow some kind of intermittent fasting diet.

I’ll be interested to hear what others share here :smiley:

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