Introducing....Freeletics Stories

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

You’ll notice a small addition to the “Community” feed over the next couple of days.


:point_up:t2: Will start to show at the top of the “Community” tab.


We’ll be sharing some useful tips, update news, and other cool content from our social media channels here.

A couple of things to know:

  1. It will only be available in English as we use our social media info
  2. It’s Freeletics content only-you can’t create your own

We’re still experimenting with this feature-so your input and feedback will be hugely valuable in informing us if we should continue with this, and if so, how we might want to further develop it!

So please take a look at some of the Stories over the next few weeks, and let us know what you think below :point_down:t2:



I just watched all the stories! A few months back I gave up all social media because it was too intrusive in my life and needed my time back. I have felt happier and more productive ever since, but I miss some aspects of it that were beneficial. I used to get a lot of inspiration and a sense of community from it, that I now either lack or have had to find elsewhere. I LOVE THAT I CAN GET FREELETICS MEDIA WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA!!! The inspiration and connection to the Freeletics community has always felt healthy and controlled for me and this is a huge improvement in my view. The execution within the app looks great and I like how the different types of stores are broken up into categories. The real success of this feature, in my opinion, will have to do with the quality of the stories released and how well it is utilized by the team at Freeletics.

As always, thanks for the updates and keep up the great work! There is a reason that all of us here love Freeletics so much and a lot of that is thanks to the amazing people working hard to make it better every day :clap:

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Great idea but I don’t like the design.
Feels cheap and basic. Ugly and too big icons.
Not so long ago I updated the app every week with great expectations of the new updates. Nowadays, every week more disappointed.
I prefer doing a few things with quality than trying to start new things for not ending any of them.
Just my point of view and not trying to offend anyone.


Très bien​:+1: les vidéos sur les gestes techniques c’est vraiment sympa :clap:

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Much better now with new design I saw today.

Still too big for me but more in same direction as the rest of the app design.

It would be great if the icons bar would stay there even scrolling down. Maybe getting smaller when scrolling to get quick access to the bar instead of scrolling up again. (same as Apple does with tittles in apps)

At least there is no icon for the shop there … lol

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You may have all realised that these have been removed for a short time, we’re doing some work to improve this a little bit, and :crossed_fingers:t2: they will make a reappearance in January!

Thanks to all of you for your feedback so far :muscle:t2:


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