Is there any audio for the exercises?

Hi all,
Thanks for the work on this app, I have just joined and I am doing the 7 days trial.

Most workout apps have some audio description for the exercises. For example, when a new exercise starts, the app says the name of the exercise, the number of reps, and a few suggestions on how to do it. This is a very useful feature because it means I don’t have to look at the phone every time a new exercise starts.

However, it seems Freeletics doesn’t have any such feature. I have to pause AoO every time to read the description of the exercise, and understand how to do it. Even the videos are mute - there is no sound at all.

I am wondering if I am missing any options in the menu, or anything I need to activate in order to get more audio descriptions. It feels it would be pretty easy to read the how to do it text using any text-to-speech tool. Am I doing wrong, or is it a design choice?

Hi, yes I think this is a design choice, there are no sounds (except the countdowns) that you could turn on. Idk about the running workouts though.

Hi @dalloliogm , there is no such feature currently in the app.
Could you maybe read all the exercises’ description before starting the workout? That way you won’t have to pause during the workout.

I don’t know if this feature is in the pipeline as well, but thank you for your feedback!