Jump Rope workouts

It would be nice to see more jumprope based workouts, and especially longer ones. The current workouts are a maximum of 10 minutes long, and it would be nice to see some that went up to 20 minutes.

It would also be cool to see them integrated in more God Workouts. At the moment they’re used in 4 Gods, BUT 3 of these require handstand movements, and so effectively filter a lot of people out.

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I would like to do jump rope workouts, but I’m lousy at rope jumping. It would be nice if there would be instruction on how to learn to jump rope (progression to rope jumping). Or is it just that you learn to jump rope by jumping rope?

You learn it by doing. There are some hints to make it easier.
In the next weeks, I will publish some tips and hints in order to learn Double Unders on Instagram. These are also useful for Single Unders. I guess I will start this little series in Septembre.