Kettlebell Fundamentals Journey - too repetitive

Hi. I’m currently doing the Kettlebell Fundamentals journey, and have done it before. It’s challenging but I find it to be quite repetitive. We are always given the same excercises and the same intervals. The only thing varying being the time and weights.
Couldn’t you include more excercises and different intervals? Or even create a different kettlebell journey maybe with more advanced moves and/or more hybrid?


Hi @Shaka, welcome to the forum!

I haven’t tried the Kettlebell journey, but if you are tired of it, you can choose any other body weight journey and add kettlebells as an equipment available. This way, the Coach will mix in kettlebells exercises into your body weight intervals, making a great hybrid journey.

This helped me not get bored of the body weight journeys.

Toatlly agree Shaka, this happen to me with all the Intervals.