Concerns about the difficulty of exercises in Kettlebell Fundamentials

Thanks for your reply.
Maybe it is not a bug as I can’t report it as a crash or something like that but for me it is clear that the feedback given to the coach after workouts have no impact in following trainings as the weights suggested and exercises planned are the same.
Regarding what I understand for basics, Turkish Get Up Lifts is a very difficult and dangerous exercise if the technique is not correct so planning that exercise on the first week of the journey is quite dangerous.
I have to say that this only happened to me in the new Kettlebell Journey. Progression in bodyweight journeys was very good in my opinion.
Regards and stay safe

Hey Xiro,

I’m not sure I quite follow but I’d like to try and understand this a bit more. You are saying the weights assigned to you by the Coach are the same not matter what feedback you give to the Coach?

Is so, what Kettlebell weights have you told the Coach you have available to you? Is it a wide range, or only 1 or 2?


Hi Ben.

Thanks for your reply.

I have 2 kettlebells, 12 and 16kg.

Every time I do swings with 12kgs, I respond with “I could have lifted more weight”. And next sessions, same weight and times. I have used 16kgs kettlebell only a couple of days.

On the other side, from day 1, for the Turkish Get Ups, my feedback to coach is that weight is too much, and it is planned again and again.

The minimum I have is 12 so if I set that the weight is too much, in my opinion, an alternative exercise or a progression should be assigned instead of that one.

The only solution I find is locking that exercise but I really think that a coach should not work like that.
In my opinion, again, the Kettlebell journey should be announced as something created for people with previous knowledge with kettlebells. That is not a basic training.

Maybe I was wrong but what I expected was something that would help us to learn and progress kettlebell exercises. Same as with the bodyweight or pullbar exercises.

My feeling is that the kettlebell training journey was something that was done quickly because the main purpose was the equipment offering.

It is good to get to more users, to sell more items, increase earnings and opening targets but it should not eclipse community care and the reason why so many users confided in Freeletics.

Absolutely my opinion. My husband is doing the KB TJ and never worked with weights before. He often asks me for showing him the movement or to correct him (because I did Olympique Weightlifting a couple of years ago). The Turkish Get Up or the Windmill is not a basic movement - it’s an advanced one (like the overhead Squat or Squat Snatch with the Barbell - both exercises are not included in Barbell Journey afaik). These exercises are really dangerous if you are not strong enough to do it with proper technique.


@melaLetics and @Xiropillo

I just peeled this conversation off from the discussion about the Shop advertisements as there are a few discussions going on in that topic now that are a bit unrelated :see_no_evil:

I’ll make sure we discuss these concerns and I’ll come back here if I have any feedback.


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Hallo, I use KB for some years now. Was excited to start with the KB journey. It was quit disappoined to see the form of the exercises.Really bad form, especially the swings. And the TGU is not an beginners exercise . Good form is very important. There are enough specialists in the KB world to ask for help to make a safe journey. I do Freeletics for over 6 years. I stop with the coach now. I train a lot with KB, but not with FL . I’ ll be a freeathleet, but without the coach.


Totally agree and main reason I didn’t renew my subscription after 2 years.
More interest on selling equipment than offering good and safe workouts.

OK great, so it’s not only me.

The other thing I am wondering about - and I can’t find any way to adjust this - I signed up for the journey with sessions times of 40-60min if I recall correctly. But now workout No3 Is 83 minutes right away. I think adjusting the weight would make all this more realistic for me, but especially as a beginner I think the sessions should be shorter. Is there anyway to achieve this?

(And yes, the user experience of this app is so poor - mostly b/c of trying to sell stuff (repeatedly) - also for other reasons …)

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