Kids Routines & Family Plans

Okay so my two teen daughters be using freeletics cause I introduced it to them. My younger sons 6-7 watch us workout and like joining us during workouts. Thing is Alot of stuff here are made for people older then a certain age. My daughter has this app that has kid workouts in it but it’s not that good and you have to use it with ads. I was wondering if one day you can add something for them if given the opportunity.

Also, it’ll be nice to have a family plan cause I literally have to pay for all 5 of us in my house. With how the economy here in Mexico, it’ll nice to have my family all in at a reasonable discount. I mean I can try to wait or work towards a discount but that don’t come easy. I would very much appreciate a family plan so we can save cash and continue using your app which of course is of good service.

In bottom is pics of the profiles of my family member accounts. It’s to show that it’s true.

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To use Freeletics, you have to be at least 18 years old (see terms of use). So I wouldn’t expect a teenage or kids plan to come. Especially since a certain training intensity only makes sense from a certain age. For example, teenagers shouldn’t run marathons.
In addition, young bodies require good execution to avoid long-term damage. The nervous system of adolescents works very differently than that of adults, which is why an AI as a trainer for children and teenagers should not be the best choice.


I’m sure with the right connections you guys can make it accessible for those children or families who find interest in your app. Besides being active is really beneficial for children 6 and up. My younger son loves running while my older kid likes pushups and sit ups. It’ll be nice to have them have there account to keep track of there health at a young age. You guys also provide clips with instructions to how to best execute the exercise which my daughter’s and I actually found useful. They are fine. They don’t need to be 18 to be able to track there benefits. Plus I’m there father and I pay for the services so it’s a win/win for both parties. Just thought a family plan would be great so we can save a bit. I’m sure there are other parents who would like the same. With programming and AI by your side I’m sure you can make it happen if you wanted too. If we know what the limits are then we could program it to do just it was made to do.

About the intensity. We can program it to have a limit to children of a certain age group. Like I made a customer workout for my boy that only has 3 rounds of low rep exercises. The basic pushup, jumping jack, squat, and crunch. Still think it’s a good idea. Hope to see that one day. Regardless I love the app and how much it has evolved. This won’t change my mind in sticking with you guys.

Hey Fonzi,

You do need to be 18 years of age in order to use our app. As mentioned by @melaLetics, the type of HIIT such as that offered by the Freeletics Coach is not suitable for growing bodies, and your children could be doing serious harm to themselves by doing so.