Senior, +70, totally sedentary for most of his life

Hey all, I’m a bit of a noob, been on Freeletics for a couple of months, and I finally found love in a hopeless -fitness apps market-place :stuck_out_tongue: (Took me 4 apps!)…

Anyway, I love it so much I can’t help but recommended it, and one of the people I’m instigating to purchase and install a plan is my beloved ol’man. He’s always been sedentary, we’ve been a very lazy family, more focused on mental than physical… Anyway, long story short:

My dad is not aging great, he’s lost a lot of muscular mass (which has never been great to begin with), and got that bulging tummy that makes us all worried!

Of course at that age he’s totally given up, he doesn’t get the benefits, etc. not gonna get into that now.

I keep pushing and pushing him for a long time to take the path to an active and enjoyable life (we both suffer from ADHD disorder, so it’s almost as worse mentally as it is physically).

My big question is maybe rather for some Freeletics representative to answer: Could this app potentially adapt to his “peculiar” case? For a total sports beginner, senior in a very bad shape?

I’m asking because being quite a sedentary and lazy guy myself, I was disappointed by all the other apps I tried, which in the end were just making me feel bad, a loser, and therefore quitting altogether (thankfully I’m a stubborn son of a gun!). I wouldn’t want that to the already very frail will and perspective my dad has on changing habits at his age…

He’ll soon go to a doctor and conduct cardiologic exams, so that will definitely point us in a broad good direction, but hopefully, his heart will be okay and in that case, I’d love to know if Freeletics can be a good fit for him!

Thanks and cheers y’all!

Hey Sergio!

Regarding the question above, it really doesn’t sound like the Freeletics app is a suitable solution for your dad. The type of HIIT offered by Freeletics is only suitable for people of a good general state of health. I think you should talk to his healthcare team about steps he could take to improve his overall physical condition. A daily walk will probably be more beneficial for your dad than any of the training offered by us. I hope your dad starts a journey that fits him and that his overall health improves! Also congrats on starting your own journey as well and i wish you great progress!

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Thank you so much! I am sorry to hear this because I’m a total fan of freeletics and was hoping for my dad to use it.

On the other hand I am very thankful for your honest and realistic response, this is invaluable, and I talk from experience.

See I asked because I myself got injuelred in the past because I purchased another app that was way beyond my fitness limitations, and despite that I was assured by careless and clueless support team that it was also suitable for REAL beginners., long story short it was not and to this date I still have shoulder injuries from trying because I was convinced that I was in the right “place” and I just needed to try harder :roll_eyes::sleepy:.

Your message has showed great responsibility and assertiveness beyond any greed to scrap a few euros off any one person seeking healthier habits.

Bravo! Keep it like that! You just rose my love for freeletics even further!!!

Thank you dearly!


Hi @sergiogabrieldu , Have you had a look at the Training Journeys in the “Getting started” section? these journey are designed for total beginners:

  • 15 Minute Fitness
  • Fit For Life
  • Start Strong

These are the three journeys offered in that section.

:clapclapstatic: :muscle:

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Thanks Tom, I’ll have a look!