Light yoga style » stretching exercises to finish safely the wod


Is there any plan to add at some point some kind of « light yoga style » stretching exercises to finish the wod when you’re not young, flexible and fit ?

What I mean is : Freeletics has from the start a marketing approach that more or less says : « we are an app for young and fit people, if you are a former special force guy/woman you’ll be happy with us ». And all the images are tuned his way, always and only young, flexible and fit people.

At the beginning it made very likely a lot of sense, even more it was likely a clever marketing approach.

But today where they are more HIIT apps than HIIT users, keeping this approach, and only this one, is quite strange.

Every study prouves that HIIT is great for elder people, and Freeletics is a great platform, but most of the stretching exercise are far out of the reach of elder people (but perhaps those who are long time yoga practitioners).

I’m 62, and a very happy Freeletics coach user, but I can’t do the ending stretching exercises and this is frustrating (and likely not very healthy)

Thanks in advance


Try DownDog App.
Meditation, Hiit, Yoga and Running for very low price. All of them with multiple exercises and variants.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll check that