Lists of favourite exercises/workouts


I am really enjoying my fourth (or is it fifth) training journey with freeletics. I like to use freeletics primarily for strength training, often during a workout I add extra exercises — for instance a finishing set of burpees, try a new pb on # of pushups, etc. Additionally, I usually do a few runs durinig the week, outside of my freeletics , strength-centered, journey.

It can be quite tedious to search the extensive list of exercises/workouts, especially while gasping for air during a workout I want to add an exercise to. I have two wishes for improvement to remedy for this (and they are not necessarily mutually exclusive):

  1. A function for favouriting exercises and workouts. Think along the lines of, say, spotify’s “like” functionality. By favouriting an exercise/workout it goes in to a compiled list of “my exercises/workouts”, that makes it easer to access.
  2. Ability to compose your own workout, and/or edit workouts. By composinig my own workouts (while in a training journey) I can add in, say, a run workout with some warmup and stretch during the week. This would make the composed workout easier to plan and thus to execute according to plan.