Log and track weights used in workouts

It would be great if users could indicate what weight they used for dumbbell, kettlebell, and other weighted exercises. It would be especially useful for benchmark workouts.


Would love to see this feature too! I always forget what weight I have used for a specific exercise. Also like the idea of seeing your progress over time


Yes I would love to see that too. I miss the PB’s also for weight exercises.


Agreed I find this quite a severe limitation to the extent I’m going to cancel my subscription.


Is there any way to track your actual weight in this app?
(personal weight, not barbell weight)

You actually can! @jbowerbir

When the coach assigned a exercise with a certain weight and you figure out the weight is too heavy or light, you can click ob the top left Cog :gear: icon (i think its a cog, its below the video icon) WHILE doing the exercise and just change the weight.
You change it for each round.
Not sure if this is what you want, but for me it worked pretty well like this.

These custom weights are also showing in the exercise overview after finishing.

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No there is no option for tracking weight in intervals, also the PB or 1RM of the exercise will never saved anywhere

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