Major updates history

5 december 2022 - Workout builder
19 sept 2022 - Darkmode colors, new colors

18 aug 2021 - Skill Progressions
18 juli 2021 - Dumbell + Kettlebell trainingsjourney
7 juni 2021 - Mindset Coaching unlocked for everyone
18 feb 2021 - Total new app with Equipment, Mobility, TimeBased, Muscle group workouts

6 dec 2020 - Trainingsjourney got better with a lot of new equipment
7 okt 2020 - Adapt function, new exercises, new warmup and cooldown exercises, plan your week
13 sept 2020 - Huge exercise video update

22 dec 2019 - Today view update + mind exercises
21 aug 2019 - Running trainings journey
3 feb 2019 - An exercise-based feedback feature in the Training Coach + Trainings Journeys

28 jun 2018 - 37 new God workouts

Miss the old Freeletics, look at the updates this year. Its nothing compared to othet years.


You simplify the whole revamp of the app, eg. change to one font size, renewed the feedback screens etc to one line as „dark mode and colors“, sad that all the other changes (which were strongly needed as the whole app felt like simply put together all three apps) you don’t acknowledge.
Freeletics might be bad in communicating such changes, but it was strongly necessary.
We had changes in fonts and size, light to dark mode etc pp.
The app is already quite „complete“ by including everything you can ask for like bodyweight, running and weighted training.

Let’s get to the point. What’s missing?