New update - Workout Creator

Hello everyone :wave:t2:

I’m updating this with the latest updates to the “Workout Creator” starting to roll out week commencing 21 November 2022. This latest update should be complete for all users within the next 7 days or so. The Workout Creator will allow you to create and save your own Warmups, Cooldowns and Intervals consisting of any combination of time-based or repetition exercises (including exercises using weights).

You can find the current entry point in the “Explore all” section :point_down:t2:

A couple of things to highlight, as we are still in the early stages of this so please take note of the below :point_down:t2:

The creator allows you to:

  • Search for exercises you wish to add to the workout you are building
  • Choose rep or time based options for all rep based exercises
  • Specify a weight for any weight based exercise
  • Edit and delete an existing workout
  • Access the Workout Builder directly from the Coach tab

And what’s new :point_down:t2:

  • You can now create round based workouts
  • There is a share workout function
  • Custom workouts are now saved and will appear in your Training History

Please note that distance exercises and sprints/running are excluded

Do have a play around with it, and please throw any thoughts you have below-this will help us continue the development of this over the next couple of months :+1:t2:



This is great news!! Any idea when it will be available on iOS?

Great job!


It isn’t likely to be on the iOS version in the next couple of weeks-but I’ll be sure to update this topic, and the “Updates” when we have an iteration available in the iOS app as well :+1:t2:



This is fantastic to see movement on! Definitely one of the features that I hear requested the most from my Freeletics buddies and one that I will be using a lot when it comes to iOS! Thanks for the update Ben :slight_smile:


Great news!!! New looks of the app etc. is ok/nice to have, but i think that thia new feature is really an improvement!!!


Awesome. Finally the feature I Love to see next.

Well, first feedback after 5s of usage. No search or filter option? Really?:grin: We need that.:clap:

Update after creating the Workout.

  • The workout overview in the start screen looks like regular workouts. Nice.
  • Duplicate exercises is nice to save time.
  • You cannot edit created workouts?
  • DRY - Do not repeat yourself. Add possibility to add rounds.
  • Sharing the workout with friends would be nice. And If we take that road, why not add the same feature for challenges? ( Example: Day 1 30s planks, Day 2 40s and so on…)

The Workout Builder is not Freeletics. There are enough apps for building your own workout. The KPI of Freeletics is that you dont have to think about your workout through artificial intelligence. This is a mistake.


Just my personal opinion and I understand yours totally :

You are right and wrong. Right because I love FL because I have not to think about my training plan. And you are wrong because although I love that I, as a customer, want more and it is a pain to do multiple Single exercises in a row. Besides there are alot challenges that are done using pictures and I know we could to this better and it is a very motivating thing to do things as a team.


I certainly love to have this feature, but few things I would like to say.

  • Created workouts cannot be edited or deleted.

  • While choosing exercise, I cannot search. It is hard to scroll up/down looking for the right one.


I personally also think the coach should be optimized instead creating the Workout Builder.
Of course It seems a lot have asked for it, so you build it, but the Strength of Freeletics is the coach which saves you from creating your Workouts.

I ended with Freeletcis after:

  • Workouts Plans from the Gym Trainers (part of membership)
  • Workout Plans I collected in Books and Magazines and logged to a Notebook
  • Defining and Logging of my Workouts using Garmin Connect and my Fenix.

While the one from the Gym was boring fast, the ones from Book not really had a system,
and defining and logging them in the Watch took way too much time, I fell in love with the Freeletics Coach instead.

The Flexibility to Self Define Workouts, while I can’t pick different Exercises for the Coach when traveling seams a step in the Wrong direction. I’m here because I don’t want to spend this time to create my own stuff anymore and just have a good training.

I don’t know why I would need Freeletcis to do that anyway, when even my Watch supports a Workout Builder with all the features the other wrote are missing currently.


It’s the most requested feature since years, glad to see it happen. No one is forced to use it, but keeps athletes in one app, instead of using another app.
It’s still an experimental feature and space for improvement.
Once we can share self created workouts within the app, team trainings will be much more fun than everyone is doing there own coach.


Is it still a beta feature?

It’s in both the Production and Beta versions of the Android app, so anyone using the Android app will have access to it although there are a few exceptions for Athletes using older versions of the app that can’t update due to using an older Android OS.

Although it’s still a basic feature at the moment-we’re working hard on developing it using the feedback we’ve had so far :+1:t2:



Love to hear it! All the hype lately about big changes, this is exactly what I was hoping would come out of it. Looking forward to seeing this hit iOS and evolve over time.

Being able to add custom workouts to my weekly coach flow would be amazing. I train competitively for OCR and I love using FL as the core of my training, but they’re a one or two workouts that I do every week to sharpen certain skills specific to my sport. Having the ability to include those workouts in my FL logs would be incredible!

FL alone has gotten me into the best shape of my life, but when focusing on a sport there are specific needs that must be trained beyond the basic FL coach. Custom workouts won’t be needed for most people, but having the tool available will be huge for people whose goals don’t perfectly align with any of the existing journeys.

On that note, I would love to see some sport specific journeys released (selfishly for OCR)!


Adam, you should check out our very own @Vanessa :point_down:t2: if you are training for OCR :running_woman:t2:


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Somehow the custom workout integration is not that user-friendly yet. I am currently missing the functionality to edit or remove already created workouts.

Yeah, that functionality is definitely something we want to include as part of the feature :+1:t2:



What I now notice… if a self-created workout has breaks and the first exercise is timebased, the 5s countdown is annoying. For example, if you start directly with Active Hang on the GO after the pause countdown and only 5s later you hear the beep…

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We are in the process of rolling out some updates to this :point_down:t2: