Dumbbell and Kettlebell Training Journeys

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I’ve seen a few topics created now in the last couple of days asking about the Dumbbell and Kettlebell Journeys that some of you may have seen in the app.

Up to now these Journeys have only been available to some users, which is something that we do very often as we are continuously testing features with small groups of Athletes before we release them to the whole Freeletics community. This allows us to make improvements and really ensure we have a high quality update when it is fully released.

But, for those of you that have been asking, I think we can give an update that these Journeys should be released to all Athletes early next week :partying_face:

There will be one Training Journey for Dumbbells and one for Kettlebells. Looking forward to hearing what you all think about them when released! If you have been doing one of them already-let us know how you have enjoyed about it!

Check out these 2 articles on our blog for an introduction to training with these equipment items :muscle:t2:



Hi @Ben, Thank you so much for the update! Really excited about these two new journeys!
Would some of the new movements be integrated into the Hybrid Weight journey?

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Hey Nano, not yet. I hope that we see a Hybrid version in the future but for this iteration the Coach integration is limited to just the 2 Journeys at this stage.

Having said that, you can still get assigned a Bodyweight workout by using the “Adapt session” feature and selecting “I don’t have equipment”, when you do this the Coach will substitute the DB or KB session for Bodyweight only.


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I‘m doing the dumbbell journey and i like it but i‘m looking forward to set the weights by my own and i would like to exclude the bench because i dont have one. :wink:
I’m using a gymnastics ball (for presses), a stool (for pull overs) and just the floor (for flies) instead and it works for me but i guess there are enough exercises to build a journey without a bench.


So glad these are here! Slightly frustrated though as I don’t have a bench - as I imagine many people who have some dumbbells at home won’t have. Would be great to see an option for the dumbbell journey without a bench to make it more accessible!

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Hey Alexia :wave:t2:

Oh, that’s great to hear :muscle:t2:

I understand the frustration here but please don’t let this stop you from continuing this Journey! Although we do say that a bench is required here, you should really feel able to substitute a bench for something else. A bench would be our recommended piece of equipment, but you might be able to do these exercises using a stool, the floor, or something else. I use a wooden shoe storage bench that I got from Ikea, which I can also sit on whilst putting on or taking off shoes.

Whatever you decide to use to perform these exercises, just please make sure that whatever you use instead is stable and sturdy enough, supports you fully and that you are not at risk of any accident or harm. A glass coffee table for example is probably not the best choice of substitute.

Unfortunately, we can’t list every possible substitute for a bench, which is why the equipment says “Bench”. There is a really similar conversation on the Forum about the use of the equipment “Box” in some exercises, you don’t need a box for some exercises, a stool could well suffice.


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Hey Moritz, this is exactly what we would expect Athletes to do. Don’t let not having a bench put you off this Journey. Although we recommend a bench, you should feel empowered to substitute this for something suitable, which is exactly what it sounds like you have been able to do :+1:t2:


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That’s good to know, thank you for the response! I decided to start out with the kettlebell journey as I also have a kettlebell and it didn’t need a bench - maybe will come back and do the dumbbell one after!

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Hi, do you know if the kettlebells training journeys still provide some good chest and arms activation?

Question: will the opportunity for feedback ever be added on these journeys? I know you can feedback about the weight, but it would also be good if you could feedback about the length of the reps and your form during the reps.


Definitely! :+1:t2:


We are still fine tuning the Feedback feature for this Journey, but I think you will see there has already been changes since this post :+1:t2:

Yeah, I like the new feedback method! Really great seeing the development of the app.

I personally bought the platform used for steps in aerobic training. It’s smaller, easy manageable and cheaper. Mine is 30cm high.


Hi Ben,

Are there any news about a dumbell hybrid journey?

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Hey Moo, nothing to share yet :clapclapstatic:

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