Men's Health Pushups Challenge

Hello anyone,

I just wanted to be part of the men’s health pushups challenge as many as other Freeletics athletes, and perhaps win a price.

However, Freeletics is very nice to tell you have to go on Instagram to get instruction to win the prices! Not everyone has an account on social medias, as the one mentioned above or Facebook, as I am… And because of bad experiences, I DO NOT WANT TO!

So can anyone here tell me what are these instructions? And in the future, would it be possible to write these instructions here, for those who do not want to be in social medias?

Thank you for your understanding. Best wishes and keep strong.

Hi @Yvan ,

if you want to take part in the challenge, just in your app to the Community Screen → Challenges → there it shown on the top. Join the challenge and start your pushups.

The Instagram part is only, if you want to have the chance to win something.

I hope this helps


No it doesn’t help… It doesn’t tell me how I can be part of the win without opening an account of a social media…

Hey Yvan :wave:t2:

I thought Michael explained it pretty well so I’m not sure what I can add. You can absolutely still take part in the challenge. However, the Social Media promotion is a Social Media promotion, and you do need to meet the requirements to enter this competition with a chance to win one of the prizes.

You can see the full terms of the promotion, the requirements to enter below :point_down:t2: