Minor App improvements?

Hi all,
Long time FL user (about 7 years!) but first time blog user.
Just wanted to know your thoughts on a couple of things I have found in the latest app and if anyone had workarounds?

  1. sometimes I don’t have some of the equipment for a workout (like I have access to a skipping rope and pull up bar, but not weights and rack etc). There should be a feature to select what equipment you don’t have when you are modifying your coach workout.

  2. I love that you can select what weights (dumbbells, kettlebells etc) according to what you have. However, this does not seem possible for plates. My gym provides plates in 1.25kg, 2.5kg and then increments of 5kg plates. My coach often asks to use a 27.5kg plate. How do others do this? Tape plates together??

All help is really welcome.
Many thanks

Hi @bobby.siddiqui , first of all congrats on the 7 years of consistent training! :muscle:

For your 1st point:
You can update the equipment that you have on your coach setting. Yes this will update all your training sessions for the week, but you can switch again when you have equipment available throughout the week.
This option is not available in the “Adapt” button, and needs to be done from the Coach setting directly. I often use it when training from home instead of the gym, to enable my pull up bar, skipping rope and foam roller.

2nd point:
Ah this does happen for me as well! haha what I usually do is tap the “C” button in the interval and chose the weight that I have: for your example that would be 25kg. You can also use a kettlebell or dumbbell instead of a plate to match the recommended weight. e.g. a 30kg dumbbell instead of a 25kg plate for more challenge.
As you modify your Coach directly, it will know what weight you picked, to adapt your next session.

I hope that helps!