Interval rounds times

Please, can we bring back times of performing exercises in interval rounds as we have in God workouts?

We need to see how we performed during intervals. Were we keeping up the right pace for all rounds? Did we manage to distribute our strength equally for each round?

etc. We’re asking ourselves lots of questions to make progress. And the Freeletics app can’t do it for us. Please, stop hiding important information from us.

I prefer to do the intervall as clean as possible, especially they contain weighting stuff or heavy exercises like Muscleups and Dragon Flags. So i think its contraproductive to push every exercise under pressure as fast as possible. The gods were designed with exercises that (normaly) could not be done ugly (e.g. pushups, situps, etc.). Therefore its a huge difference between intervalls and gods. Doing intervalls instead of gods needs more trust in the AI and the feedback process…

Yes Josh, and I’m interested in how I performed 4th round of Muscle-ups or Dragon flags in comparison to round 1. Do I rush 3rd or 2nd? Or not?

I always try to keep my technique clean.

“AI” of Freeletics is great but we need to control our workouts ourselves too :).