My 9-year transformation story

I grew up in a non-athletic environment, lacking muscle and with a small torso, underdeveloped shoulders and arms, and a flabby lower body. I always wanted to be fit, but I didn’t know where to start.

In 2009, I briefly joined some aerobics classes, but I quit after not seeing results. In 2010, I bought a year-long gym membership, attended once, felt overwhelmed not knowing what to do with all the machines, and never returned.

Gym Phase

In 2014, I finally decided to grab the bull by the horns and embarked on body transformation, researching extensively on goal setting, bodybuilding, and nutrition. I dug so deep, it is probably safe to say that I read the whole internet :grin:.

I chose classical heavy weightlifting, starting with bulking despite wanting a slender physique. My routine included not only training, but daily learning of theory, technique, and nutrition.

My significant transformation occurred in 2014-2015, with impressive gains, including a rapid 4-kilo weight increase and substantial bicep growth :muscle:.


After a couple of years I decided to hire a personal trainer. Under his pressure I got severe wrist injuries, forcing a six-month break when I couldn’t train and even struggled to hold a fork. Doctors diagnosed permanent wrist damage and hypermobility, advising quitting all sports except swimming for the rest of my life :confounded:.

Resilience and Adaptation

Refusing to accept this, I resumed weightlifting with precautions, adjusted nutrition, and gradually took up interest in other activities such as hiking, dancing, cycling, and gym bouldering. The gym routine continued until early 2020.

Freeletics Phase

In early 2020, I discovered Freeletics, a perfect fit for my independent, research-driven, self-challenging nature. I’ve been dedicated to Freeletics for 3.5 years now, with breaks for swimming and dancing classes. Recently, I completed my sixth Freeletics journey, achieving my best shape ever.


  • Pushup Progression: From one to 60, including diamond, spiderman, and starting clapping pushups.
  • Body Transformation: Shifting from a triangle :slightly_smiling_face: to an inverted triangle :upside_down_face: and debunking the myth that body shapes are fixed.
  • Consistent Strength: Feeling strong and energized most days. Now I don’t need anyone’s help to open a jar :laughing:
  • Inspiring Others: Motivating friends, with one becoming my gym body earlier, and now three more joining Freeletics due to my experience.
  • Work Recognition: Colleagues seek fitness advice; currently I am leading a fitness initiative at work to motivate working women to engage in fitness activities.

Future Goals

  • Diverse Activities: Continuing various activities and active lifestyle
  • Improve skills: I want to master advanced pushups and other complex movements.
  • Aging Gracefully: Inspired by fit elders, I believe fitness enhances life quality and longevity :heartbeat:. I aspire to be a fit granny one day :older_woman: :weight_lifting_woman:.


damn thats a great journey, probs to you! very impressed by your transformation over the years! :clap:

hope I’ll get there as well, as i’m also from a very unsporty household and lacking muscles :smile:

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Thank you!
You can do it - the difficult part for me was figuring out where to start, but once that’s sorted, all you need is a bit of patience and it will come. :muscle:


LOVE this! Go Sofia!! :fire::muscle::clap:

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Great! :muscle:
Thanks for sharing your story and your transformation. :call_me_hand:
You are a real inspiring example of commitment and dedication. :100:

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