Freeletics works - My 1 Year Transformation

Hello Fellow Athletes,

Growing up, I was an avid sports enthusiast and a keen tennis player. Maintaining an average weight for my age was the norm during my early teens. However, things took a turn when I embarked on my professional journey as a software engineer. My physical activity dwindled significantly, especially during the Covid years when my daily steps reduced to a measly 1.5-2k. Consequently, my weight spiraled out of control, peaking at 95kg with a height of 178cm. My BMI hovered around 30, indicating obesity, and my body fat percentage soared between 30-32%.

A series of personal setbacks, including a heart-wrenching breakup, sent me spiraling to my lowest point. Coupled with the heaviest and unhealthiest I’ve ever been, I knew it was time for a change. It was time to reclaim my health and fitness.

Exactly one year ago today, I embarked on a transformative journey with Freeletics. I committed to giving it my all.

One week into the program, the coach assigned my first god workout: 2x Athena. I remember the experience vividly. Every muscle in my body screamed in protest, and by the end of the 39min 06sec session, I was sprawled on the floor, gasping for breath, drenched in sweat. But there was a flicker of something else too: a spark of motivation. A newfound determination to achieve the best shape of my life.

Over the past year, I’ve successfully completed five journeys:

  1. HIIT & Run Weight Loss
  2. Explosive Strength
  3. Shred & Burn
  4. Kettlebell Fundamentals
  5. Strength & Stamina

Initially, from May 9th until October 30th, my sole focus was Freeletics. My nutrition remained unchanged, and this approach served me well until October, when my weight loss plateaued. A careful review of my dietary habits revealed a staggering calorie intake of 3’500-4000kcals on average days.

From November 1st, I capped my daily calorie intake to 1’900kcals (and later to 2’000kcals in April). Additionally, since February 1st, I’ve supplemented my Freeletics regimen with regular gym workouts.

These are my results:

Before & After Pics


I am extremely happy with the transformation I’ve achieved. Freeletics has been instrumental in helping me reclaim my health and fitness. For the first time in years, I am looking forward to a beach vacation without the shame of being shirtless.

This is just the beginning of my journey. As soon as my one-year subscription ends, I am determined to opt for the lifetime plan.

Whenever someone asks about my weight loss, I don’t hesitate to share my journey with Freeletics. I wholeheartedly endorse this program to anyone who is serious about getting in shape. Yes, it’s challenging and demands discipline, but the results are extremely rewarding.

My wish is for this post to inspire someone, somewhere, to embark on their fitness journey and my ultimate goal is to someday represent Freeletics as an official Ambassador for Switzerland.

If you’d like to join me on this journey, here is the link to my Freeletics profile - I promise to follow you back. Let’s motivate each other and strive for a healthier tomorrow!

Reflecting back on my initial struggle with the god workout, 2x Athena, I decided to revisit it today, precisely one year after starting Freeletics, to measure my progress. Remarkably, I breezed through the workout in 12 minutes and 16 seconds, and the best part? I wasn’t even panting! :smiley:


Damn, thats really great seing you being so healthy and happy with yourself!
Keep it up :clap: :hugs:

(but short note, in case you wanted to share your profile, the link is not working. You’d need to write your name down for people to find you)


That’s an amazing transformation !!

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Wow Siflu! What an inspirational transformation :muscle:t2:

I’m interested in hearing more about how you switched your nutrition up? Did you simply focus more on cutting your total calorie intake or did you also change the type of foods that you ate?


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Thank you Ben! :slight_smile:
It was both, a combination of cutting the total calorie intake and also switching to healthier food choices and a protein based diet.
I made sure to at least get 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight.
I used to eat whatever I wanted and some of my favorite meals were Cordon Bleu and Pizza and alot of pasta for example. With the new nutrition plan, I mainly sticket to chicken, lean ground beef, brokkoli and sometimes rice. I tried not to eat too many carbs.

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Amazing transformation @siflu89 !! well done! :clapclapstatic: :muscle:


Fantastic transformation! I love hearing stories from other users who have found success with the Coach. I also really appreciate you sharing the Journeys that you completed. Would be curious to hear how you chose those journeys and which one you liked the most (those are the same ones that I typically rotate through).

Great work, very inspirational! Thank you for sharing with the community @siflu89


Thank you :slight_smile:

The HIIT & Run Weight Loss journey I chose because at the beginning, I wanted to focus on building stamina and losing weight first so that the bodyweight excercises would be more comfortable to do. When starting out, even putting on socks was a little bit of a struggle because the belly was in the way haha :smiley:

After that, I chose the Explosive Strength because it was a mixture of Cardio & Muscles.

The Shred & Burn was next because I read an awesome transformation of someone on Reddit that did this journey.

The Kettlebell Fundamentals and Strength & Stamina I chose because of good reviews from other users in Discord :slight_smile:

My favorite journey was Shred & Burn. I really like the bodyweight excercises like pull ups, push ups and burpees and this journey had alot of those and I was at my limit alot (which is something I like :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I actually just started another Shred & Burn journey this week :v:

Which one of these do you like the best?


Nice transformation man!

There’s a discord server? Do you mind sharing the link please. I also couldn’t find you on freeltics as Siflu89

If you can find me (JyPruis) lvl 31 ill follow back!