My app won't record the distance of my runs

I changed my phone a couple pf weeks ago, since then, every time I try to record a run, the GpS being acrivated since I usually use other apps, it won’t record the distance I run just the time, so it won’t allow me to save the workout

Does any one know how to fix it?

Hi ElianaGR and welcome to the forum!
What kind of runs do you mean? Is this a free Run, a Running Interval (doing a Running Journey), a Running God or a distance in a Bodyweight God (like Kadmos or Hermes)?
In the last ones, there is no GPS Tracking.
In the other cases: are you using an Android? If so: the battery saving mode is affecting the GPS. In order to have a good GPS, you need to turn of the battery saving mode.


Thanks for your repply, I mesn free runs, I will try what you write about the saving mode, thank you.