My transformation

Hi am divyadinesh , currently staying with my parents in india, kerala. What ive to say about me is that i was always a skinny person right from my school years till i graduated .
Story turned upside down after joining my postgraduation. Life started to get more difficult due to peer pressure and studies. I was regularly bullied by my staff who were in charge of the department which i was specializing for. The only way of consolidation was food. I began to love food and get emotionally depended on it … what ever the scenario was. I loved food and fot totally depended on it. Binge eating gained me a lot of extra pounds. I shooted from 61 to 75 kg within a span of 8 months. Stress and depression took over my life. Luckily i graduated from that so called department which was literally an asylum.
After all the fuss nd messes , i got married ,unfortunately that turned out to be a disaster,following that again i gained weight to 87kg and found support from food to meet up with my emotional needs. Food was always my way to escape the trauma i was going through. People started to mock and body shame me for my weight gain, that was the first time i realized how it feels to get mocked for being fat and ugly. And above all i was suffering from pcod due to this weightgain,where again i got bullied from the hospital which i was consulting for infertlity. The most saddest part of being fat was that , my own family started to criticize and bully for my looks.
Thus, from that day onwards i took a decesion to shedoff my pounds , from 2019 april till november i worked out and brought my weight from 84 to 70,.but it all went in vain after the lockdown.
But i learned my lesson , i understood that dieting and exercise will not alone bring out the body shape i dreamt of. But what matter was the consistency . My best friend taught me how to be consistent about workouts. And he made me realize that workout should be my lifestyle. And he taught me about portion control and eating healthy along with that i got introduced to freelectics and their wide range of exercises which made me movable and healthy now.
What i learned from my lesson is that consistency is the key to success.
Thankyou freelectics


Wow @deeya441 :muscle:t2:

What an amazing and completely inspiring transformation-it sounds like you’ve really been tested over the last few years and you just deserve such a huge :clapclapstatic: for getting back up from the times you were knocked down and just smashing it :boxing_glove:

You should feel so very proud of yourself and the results that you have achieved - you have absolutely crushed it :fire:


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Well done @deeya441 !! And thank you for sharing your Journey with everyone here! It is truly inspiring!

As you said consistency is key!

Thank you again and congrats on achieving such amazing results, surpassing yourself and overall, your victory over these challenges.


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Ben thankyou dear fr ur reply…

Thankyou so much tom… for ur time