New performance Metric - the Daily Athlete Score (DAS)

I would also love to see a global ranking for god workouts, even if it is just displayed as a %. I like to compete with the athletes that I follow, but would love a global ranking too (even though the top athlete will probably always be someone who cheated or had terrible form.


As someone who follows you I’m pretty sure you’re grandiose no matter the age :sweat_smile: I’m probably at least 15 years younger than you and would love to have a fitness like you :sweat_smile: I don’t think this is a bug.
Edit: you’re not a Freeletics ambassador for no reason.


I’m not so sure about this idea. I bet it’s thrilling for some but I’m still recovering from my long covid. I don’t think I’m too good yet, neither have been :sweat_smile: but well it’s a journey. Could be discouraging for some.

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@gameonplayer I really hope that I follow you back? I don’t know your in-app-nick :sunglasses:

No you don’t, but no worries ^^ my nickname is Anny Time :slight_smile:

I’ll share a scenario. I am on my period, which means I am dying in bed unable to walk, let alone work out :sweat_smile: I open the app and it tells me my consistency is crap. It doesn’t motivate me to work out because sometimes well I am just not able to do it for a few days and there is nothing to do about it, but it does feel negative.

Be it a period or a trauma or other reasons to not work out - the effects of negative reinforcement can be very different, including having effects opposite to the desired ones, and I wonder what was the thinking behind introducing a system that not only provides you a comparison with your past performance or comparison of your PBs against other athletes’ PBs and positive reinforcement but also negative reinforcement?


Seems like there are at least a handful of users seeing the DAS in their app, is it android only rn? Any iOS users seeing the DAS?0

Yes i can see the das on my samsung s22 ultra (android) and on my ipad (ipad os)

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Hey everyone,

I have a question. I saw the DAS after a workout. At the next day, DAS was no longer visible. Is this behavior intended so that it is really a DAILY score only for the day of the training? I cannot even see two tabs in the profile and thus also not the info: “We don’t have enough data…”

Thank you! Good to know it is out for iOS. I still can’t see it in my app, but I’ll just have to be patient :smiley:

My husband is facing the same. I guess the rollout was postponed.

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@Ben can you please explain in a little more detail what influences the consistency score?

My score is 95 and I have not missed a coach assigned training day as far as I remember in 24 completed journeys. Sometimes I need to adjust the day because a body part is sore or shuffle a day e.g. do the run the next day because it’s raining.

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@ManuelM I got the same score and asked about it. I guess you have finished your week? In this case, the score dropped because of the already assigned sessions of the next week - which aren’t done by now.

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@melaLetics Had already 95 the whole week before. Does that mean it’s not possible to get a better score than 95?

The highest is 99 and not 100. Sure you never missed a coach day? What is your actual week streak?

That’s a bummer. Still can’t see it in my app but I’m super excited for this feature. Hope it’s worth the wait! It sounds like a lot of users are iffy on it and it’s causing confusion so that may be why they stopped the rollout.

Hey @here :wave:t2:

I just want to reassure you the rollout is still ongoing! More and more of you will getting this in the app each day. The best thing for me to do is confirm when the rollout is complete-which I’ll do, but, if you still don’t see anything at the moment I please ask you to remain patient :pray:t2:

We’re aware of a couple of bugs affecting the consistency score for a very small number of Athletes and we’re working really hard to resolve these, as well as getting the next update to the feature ready-Performance scores are coming soon :rocket:

Please keep the feedback coming, it is amazingly useful and does help to steer internal discussions here in the team :+1:t2:



I had it (on android) was visble/available for I think a day and then it went away havent been able to swe the DAS since it left

@jyronne1 This is indeed a consequence of what Ben shared above. The full rollout will, therefore, take place in the next weeks, and we’ll let you know when it’s done. Thank you all for your patience.

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