No response for invoice request

Hi all,
I’ve asked for an invoice 2 days ago and haven’t gotten any response. I’ve written them via Facebook too and still no response. So I asked for a money refund since I’m not getting my invoice. ( I’ve even filled out the invoice form in advance). So I hope I will get an answer for a refund at least. Otherwise, I will have to resort to other legal means. Unfortunately, I had to open a topic here, hoping that maybe my problem will be solved through admins. I wish we can reach a solution as soon as possible before this process takes any longer. Thanks in advance. Good night everyone! :slight_smile:

Hi Berkay,

Please be aware that at certain times of the week it can take a few days to get a response to emails to our team. For invoices it can take up to a week for them to be created and sent to you.