Refund on auto payment

Okay so support been ignoring me on this, and it’s time to describe an issue.

As per Nov 15 I’ve been charged with auto renewal subscription, requested a refund via support, got a bot reply that it’s not refundable, and I would like to know how so?

There were no notifications on upcoming payment, no invoice issued, and now I don’t have a right for refund huh?

And a forum message on support ticket is being auto hidden, that’s too much guys. It’s time I get a proper human attention on this.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been with Freeletics for 95 months, that should earn me some credit on trust and attention from support.

If I’m up for refund it should be negotiable. When purchasing and cancelling via AppStore, they not even question you with the reason, why can’t I cancel subscription 1 hour after I got a payment notification?

That’s not a rage post, I like the product, I don’t like the attitude.

So once again,
Dear team, kindly check ticket # 886281

I also have had this exact experience, been with freeletics a couple of years, but no email or reminder of payment due, refund request within hours and just refusal to acknowledge except a pre written response. I understand, even if I don’t agree with, the auto renewal model but most companies offer a reminder before payment is taken. I think this is disappointing and unacceptable.