10 business day and didnt recieve refund?

I made a wrong subscription and cancelled just afterward but i didnt get my refund yet, please help

Did you subscribed via App Store or via website?

I subscribed from website

Did you already wrote an email to support?

We’ve a lot of holidays in this time so chances are great, this thread here won’t be read until next week by someone responsible.

Yes, I have spoken numerous times, but I always received the same response. No additional information is provided. The bank told me there was no refund when I spoke with them. They even shared the provision number.


It can take up to 7-10 days for refunds to be processed by card providers (although in practice this happens much more quickly).

If you still can’t see this get in touch with the team below and we’ll be able to give you an ARN to give to your card provider so they can help you identify the payment.