Non-Training Day Workouts

I remember being able to click “start” even on a non-training day, is this still possible?
Is there a workaround for this instead of having to go to settings and changing the training days manually, which can be quite cumbersome?

For example, I travel often for work and let’s say I had chosen Thursday as my “off” day, but I know I’m travelling early on Friday. I would like to just click “start” on Thursday to continue my training journey for this week instead of having to go into settings and change the training days and then go back to the home screen.

It would be easier to just click “start” and then not have to worry about changing the dates in settings back and forth every day I need to adjust the training days.

Hope that makes sense?

Maybe this could please be considered to be brought back in a future update? This is a feature I really appreciated.


Above the text “No personalized training”, there is a calendar. Are you able to tap onto the next day with a planned session? This should bring the session to your screen, with a Start button. I just checked and I could do it on my phone.

Hi that worked, thank you so much!
I’ll use this as a workaround for now :slight_smile:

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