Only 50 post to see scrolling the feed

When scrolling the feed I can see only 50 post and then they start again from the beginning in an endless loop.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, Android 12, Beta version 22.34.00
My app is set in Italian, I live in Italy, GMT +2



Same here in Madrid, Spain. It is quite frustrating to see only the last 50 posts, since I have more than 2k followers. Not that I answer them all, but I try to give as much support as I receive from them. Moreover, I also checked that the quality of the profile pictures have been seriously reduced.


The same thing is happening to me and it has been going on for many weeks update after update both on the feed of other users and on my personal feed.

Xiaomi mi 9 lite, Android 11, now with last beta version 22.37.0

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Hey everyone :wave:t2:

Thanks for reporting everyone-we are aware of this and we’ll be able to release a fix in the next update :+1:t2:

Just an fyi that if you are experiencing this bug you might also have trouble giving :clapclapstatic: to other Athletes. This will also be fixed in the next update.


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