Profile pics resolution


Did something change for the profile pics? To me it looks like they are now rendered in a much lower quality than before.
Go to an athlete’s profile page and click on the picture to get it in large. While those were sharp and crispy a few days ago, they now show a rather bad, i.e. low quality.



Hi @Ben,

could you comment on that please? Is this an intended change, a bug? I’m obviously not the only one, see this comment.

Also, it looks like not only profile pictures get a lower resolution, but the pictures posted in the feed as well? Is that correct?


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Hey Freddy :wave:t2:

This does seem to be a problem that isn’t by design (so it’s more of a technical bug than a deliberate change). We’re looking in to it to try to understand the cause but just an fyi that it might be some time until a fix.


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