OPEN - ANDROID - The App doesn't work offline for those in the Training Flow test view

My workout place is not covered by the internet. Before the update, the App was able to provide and register the daily workout without data coverage. Now, the App doesn’t allow the passage from one routine to the next one as it always equests the internet connection. That’s quite painful as I cannot train properly.

Please, fix it ASAP!


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Hey Aaron :wave:t2:

Can you please provide us with some more detail as in the template for creating a report in this section?

Type of mobile device
OS version
Freeletics app version
Screenshots or a screen recording if possible (you can upload this to Drive or iCloud)



Just another question on this-are you by any chance an Android user AND in the Test group with the new training flow :point_down:t2:


Hi Ben,

  • Samsung Z Flip 3;
  • Android 13
  • App latest update on 13 Feb

You can try it yourself. Start the session and after the warm-up select the flight mode or disconnect the data transfer on your phone. It will ask the connection to be re-established in order to go on with the training.

P.S. I’m not a beta tester


Hey Aaron,

I have tried replicating this on an Android device and I’m able to train offline. I am able to replicate it if I put myself in the test bucket for this training view :point_down:t2:

Are you seeing the test training flow in the app?



please see attached a screenshot of the training session from the App.

The offline mode doesn’t work though.

Ah, yes, so you are in the test group :+1:t2:


We’ve opened a bug report - I’ll try to update here as soon as I have something to share :+1:t2:


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Hello Ben,

I am also an Android user who (I think) is in the test group. Having this same issue. Can provide any details you need.

i have the same problem :confused: