OPEN- Single exercise rep count does not appear as expected

Hi Ben, FL team,

Looks like in the latest version of the app it is no longer possible to choose very common number of repetitions of an exercise. E.g. I cannot choose 15 or 20 Burpees anymore but only 12 or 25. What is the idea behind this?


I also find these repetition numbers strange…and it does not affect all exercises.
90 to 90 still has the opportunity to select 5, 10, 20,…

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I already have problem with how it was before, but now the options are very odd.
If possible I would prefer to type the specific number.


Hey @ManuelM :wave:t2:

I don’t think this is deliberate-I’ll try to update you (and everyone else as soon as possible), but in the meantime I will move this to the bug section :+1:t2:


Hey @ManuelM and @marcelo :wave:t2:

I already know @melaLetics is an :robot: user, are you both using Android or also iOS?


I’m on Android 13.

I am using iOS 16.3 :wink:

Seems fixed in the last version. 15 and 20 is back again.

But now I cannot visit the profile pages of the people I follow anymore, actually nobody, frankly. :relaxed: