Can't change the reps / Android 13

I can only change the weights after sets but no chance to change the reps like from 12 to 9 etc.

It has been advertised that this was possible !

Samsung A52
Android 13
version of the Freeletics app 23.35.0
language : English
country : Germany

Be aware that it can take some time to reproduce and fix certain bugs, and so we do not normally give in-depth updates when resolving reported problems.


What a shitty customer service! one month passed and no reaction!!!

Hey John :wave:t2:

This isn’t a bug :+1:t2: There is no option to change the reps in any of the Barbell sessions. You should do the reps assigned. If you aren’t able to complete all the reps, you should use the Feedback mechanism to tell the Coach this.

I’m sorry that we all seem to have missed this as well :pray:t2: