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Hey everyone :wave:t2:

We’ve got a SUPER cool and informative free Ebook offer at the moment available in English!

The Transformation Ebook is crammed with nearly 50 pages full of Training tips, as well as guidance on topics such as Recovery, Nutrition, Habit and Goal setting.

If you are looking for a transformation to a better you, this Ebook is definitely going to help you to get there :muscle:t2:

All you have to do to receive your copy of the Ebook is sign up to the Newsletter below, in which you will receive information over a few weeks that will expand on specific topics covered in the Ebook giving you even more in-depth information and tips via email that supports your transformation.

As soon as you confirm your Newsletter subscription (it doesn’t cost anything!) the ebook will get mailed to you :partying_face:

If at any point you want to stop receiving the Newsletter, all you have to do is follow the unsubscribe link in any of the emails sent to you.

And - please let us know about your transformation journey! We have a helpful guide on taking the best transformation photos and a dedicated space on the Forum in which you can share your own journey :fire:

We would love to hear your thoughts on the content in both the Ebook and the follow-up Newsletters so please do share them below :point_down:t2:



Ben via Freeletics Forum notifications@freeletics.discoursemail.com
schrieb am Do. 19. Jan. 2023 um 18:14:

¿have you got this ebook in spanish Ben?

Hey Emilio :wave:t2:

At the moment it’s only available in English but we really want to make it available soon in all our main supported languages :+1:t2:



thanks Ben. :pray:t3:

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Fantastic! Thanks @Ben ! That would be an awesome motivation tool to kick off this year! :muscle:

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Thanks !