Introducing Freeletics Bootcamp!

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

Make sure you check out and follow the Freeletics Bootcamp that we are sharing over the next few months!

@Vanessa, our Training Experience Manager, will be taking 14 brave volunteers through their own challenging 12 week Training Journey which involves them not only training collectively and individually each week, but also looking in depth at various topics that are important no matter what the training goal-it’s going to be tough!

Whilst we’ve done a lot of bootcamps before this is the first one we are sharing in this way, and we’re sure that you will find loads of the content relatable and helpful to you in your own Journeys.

Although this first episode is mainly introducing you to each of the Bootcamp members, future episodes will talk in depth about sore muscles, low motivation, nutrition…as well as tackling Gods such as Aphrodite :muscle:t2:

Please of course, let everyone know about your own experiences as we go through the series-Episode 2 will be available on Wednesday :muscle:t2: and we’ll be talking a lot about sore muscles. So if you have questions for Vanessa about this topic make sure to check it out!

But for now, let’s meet the Athletes :clapclapstatic:



Speaking of sore muscles, do you think only 2 days of rest is sufficient with a rigorous 5 day training schedule?

Love this and I can’t wait to see how each week goes! Nutrition (no sugar or alcohol) was the hardest part for me - the struggle is real. It’ll be interesting to see how they fare… GOOD LUCK!


It’s definately going to be interesting to watch this!